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Welcome to deutscheeisenbahn.de!

I’m Hannes Schneider. I do research on history of the German Railway. Please visit the ‚museum‘!
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Subjects of my researches, that may be of international interest

I’m very interested in the history of the Allies and their railway during and after the Second World War. If you have any material about this kind of thing (like i.e. photographs), please contact me!
Everyone knows the German Railway was involved in the holocaust by transporting the victims of the Nazis. At that time, the German Railway was called: deutsche Reichsbahn. I’m planing to do some research on this matter and I want to know exactly, what the Reichsbahn did to support the Nazis. Please contact me, if you know anything about this!
I do some research on the German colonies and their railways. There are some papers about China and Africa already.

The museum ‚German Railway‘

model railway: locomotives (about 100)
Examples of these things can be viewed on the german version of this page.

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